About Us

Integrity Radiology Associates are improving our patient’s outcomes because of our dedication to our patients, expert training and experience with correctly reading scans, as well as comprehensive and compassionate care. We employ some of the region’s top radiologists with training from nationally acclaimed universities with extensive private practice experience. Our experience with MRIs, CT scans, Xrays, and ultrasounds gives us the ability to effectively provide critical diagnoses to your physicians so that they can quickly get you back to feeling well. Our second opinion services help to reduce your costs and stress by eliminating unnecessary tests and doctor visits.

We also offer you and your family the opportunity to sit down with us while we explain your radiology imaging to you. You get to ask questions giving you a better understanding of your medical conditions. Our objective is to help you plan for your future medical needs.

Our Second Opinion Services include:

  • Second Opinion on MRIs
  • Second opinion on CT scans
  • Second opinion on Xrays
  • Second opinion radiologist
  • Second opinion on ultrasound

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