Second Opinion

Patients often seek second opinions from their primary physicians because they wonder if there is a better treatment available or they want to get independent verification of the information they are receiving. However, since patients rarely meet their radiologists, they often think of the radiology report in the same realm of a lab test and tend to accept the reports as fact. However, radiology opinions can vary greatly.

Current data indicates that more than 20% of all reports are erroneous. An additional 66% are incomplete or actually require a more refined diagnosis. Without an accurate diagnosis of your radiological imaging, your primary doctor cannot appropriately or effectively treat you. In fact, without the correct diagnosis from the radiologist, your insurance company will not pay for the therapies you need.

Sending your imaging to experienced, highly trained experts is critical for your accurate diagnosis. In many cases, the correct or complete history is not available at the time the report is initially read. Other times, there is no communication between the ordering physician and radiologist, which often leads to incomplete or erroneous diagnoses.

You can eliminate this pitfall from your medical care by sending us your radiological studies for our expert second opinion. We are highly experienced experts who have trained at some of the best medical institutions in the country. We are invested in better outcomes not only for you, the patient but also for your primary physicians. We can help to eliminate erroneous treatments, unnecessary testing, and insurance company rejections of service.

The price for the second opinion read is $175.